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About Us

Young Explorers, nestled at 545 Briggs Street in Erie, CO, is a family-owned destination for those seeking a unique shopping experience. Our store is a space of discovery, offering an array of educational toys, books, art supplies, and curated gifts in a retail immersion that's designed to foster a love for learning and creativity through hands-on experiences. We take pride in our selection of high-end, expertly crafted toys from Germany, ensuring that each item in our collection represents the pinnacle of quality and innovation. Our atelier space enriches our community with workshops, events, exhibitions, and birthday parties, furthering our commitment to creative exploration. As a part of the community, Young Explorers is dedicated to nurturing young minds, supporting local artisans, and creating a vibrant atmosphere that encourages exploration and imaginative play. Join us in a place where every visit is an adventure, and every item tells a story.

Our Story

Welcome! I'm Fatma Wahedi, the heart behind Young Explorers.

It all began in 2017, with a camera in hand and the warmth of the Middle East as a backdrop. As a children's photographer, I found joy not just in the images, but in the lively interactions with my little subjects. Their laughter and bright-eyed wonder sparked a deeper passion in me, one that transcended photography. This spark turned into action as I established a winter camp, a venture that blossomed with shared adventures and learning. The camp’s success, echoed by parents' praise, confirmed my path: to foster young minds through engaging play and education.

When I came across a charming building on Briggs Street in Erie, I saw the future home of Young Explorers. This space was the perfect canvas for a retail experience rooted in community, creativity, and learning. Erie’s welcoming spirit made it the ideal place to weave together a tapestry of family, education, and local engagement.


Colorado has always been a cornerstone of my life, a constant through seasons of change. Here, my family's roots are deeply embedded, and my journey, enriched by academic insights from George Washington University and specialized certifications from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Cornell University, has shaped a unique blend of global perspective and educational expertise. This rich tapestry of experiences has equipped me with the knowledge and vision to create a nurturing space for education and community at Young Explorers.

Despite the pause brought on by the pandemic, our story was far from over. Rekindling our dream in Erie, we found a town that perfectly embodies the essence of community—a community that Young Explorers is now an integral part of. A place where living, working, and playing come together in harmony.

Young Explorers is more than a store—it's a community cornerstone where families connect, children discover, and lifelong learning thrives. We are delighted to invite you into our family and become a part of Erie's vibrant story.

Our Mission

At Young Explorers, our mission is to cultivate a welcoming, imaginative space that sparks curiosity and creativity in individuals of all ages. By championing local artisans and offering an array of educational toys, books, and art supplies, we aim to enrich our community and support our local economy through engaging workshops and shared experiences.

Our Vision

Our vision is to anchor Young Explorers as a cornerstone in Erie’s community, transforming the way families explore, learn, and connect. We are dedicated to building a supportive platform for local talent and fostering a culturally rich environment where innovation in retail and community spirit thrives.

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