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Welcome to Young Explorers


Unlocking Curiosity

Welcome to Young Explorers, where our community comes to life through a vibrant retail adventure of educational toys, books, and art supplies – fostering family bonds and igniting creativity at the heart of Erie!

About Us

Young Explorers, nestled at 545 Briggs Street in Erie, CO, is a family-owned destination for those seeking a unique shopping experience. Our store is a space of discovery, offering an array of educational toys, books, art supplies, and curated gifts in a retail immersion that's designed to foster a love for learning and creativity through hands-on experiences. We take pride in our selection of high-end, expertly crafted toys from Germany, ensuring that each item in our collection represents the pinnacle of quality and innovation. Our atelier space enriches our community with workshops, events, exhibitions, and birthday parties, furthering our commitment to creative exploration. As a part of the community, Young Explorers is dedicated to nurturing young minds, supporting local artisans, and creating a vibrant atmosphere that encourages exploration and imaginative play. Join us in a place where every visit is an adventure, and every item tells a story.


Contact Us

545 Briggs St. Erie CO 80516

(303) 618-9689

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